Student - "His business is to acquire a general intellectual knowledge of all systems of attainment, as declared in the prescribed books." (from "One Star in Sight")

Israel Regardie insisted that aspirants go through analysis before beginning magical studies. From what I've seen over the years, I am inclined to agree. Speaking for myself, I plan to pick up a few books on Self-Analysis myself this spring. There are worse things I can do.

The large expansive reading lists in The Equinox III(1) and Magick in Theory and Practice are optional and carry this note: "[The Order] does not offer examination in this course, but recommends these books as the foundation of a library."

However, this following note appeared in later volumes of Volume One of The Equinox:

"Owing to the unnecessary strain thrown upon Neophytes by unprepared persons totally ignorant of the groundwork taking the Oath of a Probationer, the Imperator of [the Order], under the seal and by the authority of [Crowley himself], ordains that every person wishing to become a Probationer of [the Order] must first pass three months as a Student of the Mysteries.

He must possess the following books: –

1. The Equinox, from No. 1 to [Vol. III, no. 1].

2. Raja Yoga, by Swami Vivekananda.

3. The Shiva Sanhita, or The Hathayoga Pradipika.

4. Konx Om Pax.

5. The Spiritual Guide, by Miguel de Molinos.

6. Liber 777.

7. Dogma et rituel de la haute magie, par Eliphaz Levi, or its translation, by A. E.


8. The Goetia of the Lemegeton of Solomon the King.

9. "Tannhauser," by A. Crowley.

10. "The Sword of Song," by A. Crowley.

11. "Time," by A. Crowley.

12. "Eleusis," by A. Crowley. [These four last items are to be found in his

            Collected Works.]

13. The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abra-melin the Mage.

[I want to highly recommend the recent corrected translation of Abra-Melin!]

14. The Tao Teh King and the Writings of Kwang Tzu

An examination in these books will be made. The Student is expected to show a thorough acquaintance with them, but not necessarily to understand them in any deeper sense. On passing the examination he may be admitted to the grade of Probationer.