When I returned to magical studies in the Spring of 2010, I took the motto "I am Wanderer. I am Exile." Or maybe I should say it took me; it came to me without much effort on my part. One should always watch out for that kind of thing.
        I've always believed in magick. In my early years I tried it in a blundering sort of way.
        During my college years I had a few minor psychic experiences. And took a generic initiation from my first and only teacher. I read a few books on magick and engaged in a practice we called "going on the holograph". Shortly after college I read Magick in Theory and Practice for the first time.
        My first marriage intervened in my magical work.

In between marriages I got back in contact with my first teacher and joined the O.T.O. I was a very active member for about 5 years. I eventually became Secretary of a 25-member Oasis. I was an officer at many initiations, and celebrated the Gnostic Mass many many times. I edited and published a humble little journal for the Oasis; I called it The Solstice.
        I can say that reading "The Book of the Law" changed my life. Thelema touched me like nothing else ever has. I guess you could say I became sort of a religious nut about it.
        I tried a few times to organize my own O.T.O. camp. First with the name of "AL AChD" and then under the name of "Nu/Had". These didn't work out. It was too soon after the death of my oldest child. I wasn't ready for trying to create a camp. Also there were others issues that I won't get into at this time.
        I have made efforts to return to magick since that time, usually with mixed results. Although I have to admit, that since returning to magick this spring, I've had a run of good luck; so I guess I'm on the right path. As I've said elsewhere; "Full speed ahead, destination unknown!"
        My work has mainly been with the Crowley system. Living out here in the middle of nowhere I've had to stumble along on my own without much guidance.

And that's who I am and where I am.

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