Allie Crow

Allie Crow, Allie Crow;

What were you told so long ago?

Were you afraid at every word?

Did you shudder at what you heard?

Three hours' time was all it took

As you wrote down that famous book.

When wars began and cities fell,

Was it the work of Nuit's spell?

Aiwaz' words, spoken clear and precise, did speak of

Nuit's command, as a word to the wise, did tell of

Hadit's potential, as infinite of size, did harbinger

Ra-Hoor-Khuit, always master of dice, did seize the old aeon --

fling it far, fling it fast,

'til it became a part of the past.

old men wonder what revealed their lies,

as the world flounders and old faiths die.

wars and destruction: chaos rains down

as from the ruins the Babe cries for his crown!

. . .

I have to ask, in this dawning age,

Are you some old and dusky sage?

What can you say? What do you know?

Allie Crow, Allie Crow, Allie Crow?