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"Liber Ararita" - a complete scheme of the HGA operation.

Chruch of the Eternal Source

Papyri - 3 times a year

Khepera - periodically - 13 issues for $5

Pratyeka Buddha - attains supreme reward for himself

Dhamma Buddha - renounces attainment and returns to earth to teach others the way.

Pluto and Eris are dwarf planets in the Kuiper Belt

Ceres is a dwarf planet in the Asteroid Belt

Egyptian Notes (modern translations of names, except for what I call Nuit)

The Great Naught (Nuit - Nut - Newet - Neuth)

Hadit (bhdt - Behdet - Behdeti - Behedet - Behedite - Behdety - Hor-Bhdt)

        he of the Behdet - idea of the passage of the sun through the sky - god of the

        midday sun - husband of Hathor - father of Hor-sema-tawy (Harsomptus) -


Ra-Hoor-Khuit (Ra-Hoor-Khu-It - Ra-Har-Khuti - Ra-Har-Akht - Greek: Ra-Herakhty)
Hoor-par-kraat (Har-par-khered -  Greek: Harpocrates)
Heru-ra-ha (possibly ?)
Ra (Re)
Khepri (Khepera - Kheper - Chepri - Khepra)
Hwt-hr (Greek: Hathor)
Amun-Re (Yamānu - Amon - Amoun - Amen - Imen - Yamun)

Great Ennead of Heliopolis

Atum (father of the Ennead)

Shu                Osiris (Asar)

Tefnut            Isis

Geb               Seth

Four Cardinal Points

East - Horus, Ra-Horakhty (morning sun), Khepri in the morning

South - Set, Re (as ram - night-time sun)

West - Dunanwi/Nemty, Atum (evening sun)

North - Djehuty (Thoth), Osiris (sun at midnight)

Re and Djehuty cross the sky together

Har-mau or Hor-Sema-Tawy (Harsomptus) Horus the Uniter

Harwer (Haroeris) Horus the Elder

Heru Ra Ha (Horus Sun Flesh)

Hor-em-akhet (Harmachis) - Horus in the horizon

For Resh vel Helios

Dawn - Khepri

Noon - Behdety

Dusk - Atum

Midnight - Osiris

In the bark: Re, Djehuty


Horus and Hathor begat Harsomptus