A Glimpse of the Structure and System
                    of the [Aleister Crowley System of Magick]

1. The Order of the Star called S.S. is, in respect of its existence upon the Earth, an organized Body of men and women distinguished among their fellows by the qualities he
re enumerated. They exist in their own Truth, which is both universal and unique. They move in accordance with their own Wills, which are each unique, yet coherent with the universal Will.They perceive (that is, understand, know, and feel) in Love, which is both unique and universal.

2. The Order consists of Eleven Grades or Degrees, and is numbered as follows: these compose three groups, the Orders of the [G.D.], of the R.C., and of the [S.S.] respectively.

The Order of the G. D. [Golden Dawn]
    Probationer 0°=0□
    Neophyte 1°=10□

    Zelator 2°=9□

Practicus 3°=8□
    Philosophus 4°=7□
    Dominus Liminis
The Order of the R. C. [Rosicrucians]

    Adeptus Minor 5°=6□
    Adeptus Major 6°=5□

    Adeptus Exemptus 7°=4□

    Babe of the Abyss
The Order of the S. S. [Silver Star]
    Magister Templi 8°=3□
    Magus 9°=2□

    Ipsissimus 10°=1□

(These figures have special meanings to the initiated and are commonly employed to designate the grades.)
The general Characteristics and Attributions of these Grades are indicated by their correspondences on the Tree of Life, as may be studied in detail in the Book 777.


It should be stated that these Grades are not necessarily attained fully, and in strict consecution, or manifested wholly on all planes. The subject is very difficult, and entirely beyond the limits of this small treatise. (from "One Star in Sight")