Practicus - is expected to complete his intellectual training, and in particular to study the Qabalah. (from "One Star in Sight")

The Syllabus of a Practicus

His duties are laid down in Paper D, Class D [The Task of the Practicus].

        Instruction and Examination in the Qabalah and Liber DCCLXXVII [777].

        Instruction in Philosophical Meditation (jñānayoga).

        Examination in some one mode of divination: e.g., Geomancy, Astrology, the Tarot. Theoretical. He is given a meditation-practice on Expansion of Consciousness.

        He is given a meditation-practice in the destruction of thoughts.

        Instruction and Examination in Control of Speech. Practical.

Further, he casts the magic Cup.

        No ritual admits to the grade of Philosophus, which is conferred by authority when the Task of the Practicus is accomplished.

        [In fact, there are only three A.'.A.'. Initiations; which we can refer to as Seven Holy Kings, the Gate, and the Corpse.]

The Task of a Practicus

    0. Let any Zelator be appointed by authority to proceed to the grade of Practicus.
        Let him then read through this note of his office, and sign it.
        Let him cause the necessary addition to be made to his Zelator’s robe.
        Let him make an appointment with his Practicus at the pleasure of the latter for the conferring of advancement.
    1. The Practicus shall proceed to the grade of Philosophus at any time that authority confers it.
    2. He shall pass examinations in Liber DCCLXXVII [777], the Qabalah, and the "Sepher Sephiroth".
        He shall attain complete success in Liber III, Cap. I.
    3. He shall further show some acquaintance with and experience of his chosen method of divination. Yet he shall be his own judge in this matter.

    4. He shall commit to memory "Liber XXVII [Trigrammaton]" and pass examinations in the Ritual and meditation practice given in "Liber XVI [vel Turris vel Domus Dei]".

        Further, he shall pass in the meditation practice S.S.S., in Liber HHH.
    5. Besides all this, he shall apply himself to a way of life wholly suited to the Path.
        Let him remember that the word Practicus is no idle term, but that Action is the equilibrium of him that is in the House of Mercury, who is the Lord of Intelligence.
    6. When authority confers the grade, he shall rejoice therein; but beware, for that that is his second departure from the middle pillar of the Tree of Life.
    7. Let him not venture while a member of the grade of Practicus to attempt to withdraw from his association with the [Order].
    8. He shall everywhere proclaim openly his connection with the [Order] and speak of It and Its principles (even so little as he understandeth) for that mystery is the enemy of Truth.

        Furthermore, he shall construct the magic Cup, according to the instruction in "Liber A".
        One month after his admission to the Grade he shall go to his Practicus, pass the necessary tests, and repeat to him "Liber XXVII [vel Trigrammaton]".
    9. He shall in every way establish perfect control of his wit according to the advice of his Philosophus, for that the ordeal of advancement is no light one.

    10. Thus and not otherwise may he obtain the great reward: YEA, MAY HE OBTAIN THE GREAT REWARD!

Practicus Curriculum

The Practicus will be examined in the following books:
    "Liber AL vel Legis".
    "An Article on the Qabalah".
    [Liber 777] Vel Prolegomena Symbolica Ad Systemam Sceptico-Mysticæ Viæ Explicandæ, Fundamentum Hieroglyphicum Sanctissimorum Scientiæ Summæ.
    "Sepher Sephiroth".
    "A Note on Genesis".
    "Liber Chanokh".
    "Liber Israfel".
    "The Sword of Song".


    "Liber Trigrammaton".

    "Liber Arcanorum των ATU του TAHUTI QUAS VIDIT ASAR in AMENNTI" / "Liber Carcerorum των QLIPHOTH cum suis Geniis. Adduntur Sigilla et Nomina Eorum".

    "Liber TAU vel Kabbalæ Trium Literarum".

This course is specially adapted to the Task of this Grade, the attainment of jñānayoga.

The Robe of a Practicus

When this Grade is confirmed by Authority, the Practicus shall add a Sash of Orange to the right sleeve of the Zelator Robe.

The Oath of a Practicus

I, ______________________ (motto), being of sound mind and body, and prepared, on this ___ day of ___________ (An ______ SUN in __° of __) do hereby resolve: in the Presence of ______________________ a Philosophus of the A.'.A.'.: To prosecute the Great Work: which is, to obtain control of the vacillations of my own being.

        Further, I promise to observe zeal in service to the Zelatores under me, and to deny myself utterly on their behalf.

        May the A.'.A.'. crown the work, lend me of Its wisdom in the work, enable me to understand the work!

        Reverence, duty, sympathy, devotion do I bring to the A.'.A.'. and right soon may I be admitted to the knowledge and conversation of the A.'.A.'.!