Ipsissimus - is beyond all this and beyond all comprehension of those of lower degrees.

        The Grade of Ipsissimus is not to be described fully; but its opening is indicated in “Liber I vel Magi.”

        There is also an account in a certain secret Document to be published when propriety permits. Here it is only said this: The Ipsissimus is wholly free from all limitations soever, existing in the Nature of all things without discriminations of quantity or quality between them. He has identified Being and not-Being and Becoming, Action and non-Action and Tendency to Action, with all other such triplicities, not distinguishing between them in respect of any conditions, or between anyone thing and any other thing as to whether it is with or without conditions.

        He is sworn to accept this Grade in the presence of a witness, and to express its nature in Word and Deed, but to withdraw Himself at once within the veils of His natural manifestation as a man, and to keep silence during His human life as to the fact of His Attainment, even to the other Members of the Order.

        The Ipsissimus is pre-eminently the Master of all modes of Existence; that is, His being is entirely free from internal or external necessity. His work is to destroy all tendencies to construct or to cancel such necessities. He is the Master of the Law of Unsubstantiality (anatta).

        The Ipsissimus has no relation as such with any Being: He has no Will in any direction, and no Consciousness of any kind involving duality, for in Him all is accomplished; as it is written “beyond the Word and the Fool; yea, beyond the Word and the Fool.” (from "One Star in Sight")

Concluding Remarks