November 2 - Big Blue Brick, p439: "Where the text is simple straightforward English, I shall not seek, or allow, any interpretation at variance with it.

November 8 - I have continued to read through the Big Blue brick carefully. I have read through this so many times there's nothing new. I don't feel much in common with "Liber HHH" but I look forward to performing "Liber Astarte".

        Outside matters have interfered with my daily practice. I look forward to returning to it. I will grasp each practice with equal joy.

        I keep getting insights about what I'll be doing "down the road", but it is really too soon to be turning my thoughts to such things. Down that road leads madness and megalomania.

        Oh well ... forward!

Not that I need justifications for any changes I make to the rituals, etc.; but I see that Crowley made efforts to revise "Liver Resh vel Helios".

November 9 - I have finally finished the Big Blue Brick. I have the final chapter in Levi's Transcendental Magic to read; then I've decided to re-read Magick Without Tears.

November 11 - Tarot: 18 right for 23% - this is ridiculous; pranayama (20 out, 10 in) in the god asana; dharana on fire tattwa; same god forms and vibrations as before; Treasure House Sagittarius (I'm trying to do everything right with this, but I just feel uninspired). Pentagram and Hexagram and Resh are being done separately from the other practices. I continue reading Magick Without Tears.

        O wonder!

        How many goodly creatures are there here!

        How beautious mankind is! O brave new world

        That has such people in't!

                                                - Shakespeare, The Tempest, act 5, scene 1

Also worked on energizing the Muladhara Chakra (see above). And to feel the presence of the Kundalini.

November 30 - I have been reading both Magick Without Tears and the Golden Dawn Flying Rolls. I've attempted to read Magick Without Tears before, and never made it all the way through, I have no great desire to do it this time. Not because I've found them uninteresting, because I don't; but because I've read the first 2/3 - 3/4 of the book before ... several times.

December 2010