Dark wings are spread across the horizon,
Heralding the warmth of the new-born sun.
A cold cry echoes through the morning.
A new day has begun.

A feathered shadow soars and glides
As all is warmed by the breath of the sun.
A vengeful shape swoops nearer and nearer.
A new aeon has begun.

Talons strikes at the lies we live.
A cold, harsh beak tears at our masks.
Our conventional lives are a heap of ash.
Listen! — you can hear His laugh.

Idols have fallen, the sheep are in fear.
The masses are huddled, no help seems near.
They are afraid of their Wills, afraid to be free!
There is no god within — no magus-to-be!

But there are those who know, and will, and dare;
Yet how can they keep silent, why should they care
That the poor, pathetic huddled masses
In their fear and weakness — incapably stare:

We are the stars! We are the proud!
Can you hear as we shout aloud.
We are the kings! We are the best!
We have nothing to fear from all of the rest!

Ra — the sun! His warmth is ours.
His strength — that of the stars!
He lifts us up, he makes us strong.
If we do our Wills, there is no wrong.

Hoor — strength and sight! Our delight
As our love with our Angels takes flight.
The Lord of Initiation makes severe our ordeals,
‘Til we no longer doubt what is fact, what is real!

Khu — Light! Brightening our days,
As the sun burns off an impenetrable haze
Of old forgotten dreams, of old aeons’ lies;
As we grasp the bright promise — reach for the sky!

Hoori has sent us, sometimes unbidden,
Through a series of changes from influences hidden.
We are stronger, we are better, we are one with the sun.
This is the time of the Kings, the new Aeon has come!