The path we’re walking is tenuous and serpentine. We have left the death and decay that Malkuth holds for our spiritual selves, but we are not so very far from there. What we are seeking is the Sephera known as Yesod: the foundation or beginning of spiritual experience. But we have to get there first.

        If Malkuth is the dross of the physical world, then Tau is the dross of the spiritual world—a dark and dreary quagmire through which we must pass to reach the foundation of spiritual experience. It is the lowest dregs of the astral plane.

        Saturn relates to Tau as the great astrological malefic. Saturn (and Kronos) are devourers, as is the Crocodile (the animal of Tau). We will be devoured if we fall from this path that is as narrow as a spider’s thread. The colors that surround us as we toil up this path are Indigo, Blue and Black —dark colors from this dreary swampland we must cross to reach Yesod. The odors from this swamp are evil smelling: Sulphur, Assafoetida, Indigo and Scammony. Aye, it is a horrid and fetid place we are crossing. But we dare not turn back. We know Malkuth holds no sanctuary for those determined to travel the spiritual path.

        Therefore we trudge on, leaving the mud and mire of Tau behind as we approach Yesod.

[I'm sorry this is so short. I'll try to add more later.]